Candle Magic

Working with candles is a simple or complex minor magic, depending upon the rite or ritual you perform along with it. Candle magic can be used alone, in sacred space, or combined with folk magic for practically any type of human situation. Candle magic works on the following principles:

  • The color of the Candle
  • The type of oil you use to dress it
  • The sigils you carve (or do not carve) upon it
  • The sort of divinity you call as you light it.

You can make candle magic complicated, if you like. This involves the array of colors, deities, oils and the use of timing. There are five day candle spells, seven day candle spells, nine day candle spell. Tarot candle spells astrological candle spells, and planetary candle spells. Timed spells required specific number of candles to be burned on a specific day or number of days, at the same time each day for a set period of time. A whole ritual can be written around a candle spell. In short, there is no end to your ingenuity in working with candle magic it is fun, inexpensive, and it works. Candle spells usually involve chanting or a poem like charm as well as raising energy. Most Wiccan students are taught candle magic early in their training in order to give them confidence when they continue to the more difficult aspects of various magical operations. Candle magic is versatile and is used by adepts to center and focus. Black, Red, and White are the primary candle colors, and you will find that Witches who have been working for many years stick with these colors and don’t worry about the others. Part of this is due to practicality and their excellent visualization skills, while still using the magical colors of their ancestors. In all fairness to the magical community, knowing a few working witches who do not use candles at all and scoff at the interesting things you can do with them. What you believe is entirely your business. Remember that the Wiccan way is not to rain on someone else’s magical parade. If someone is tied to candles and their magic and you are not, so be it.

(Information above  from “To Stir a Magick Cauldron”by Silver RavenWolf, photo by Jenwytch)

All-Purpose Candle Spell

(Apologies to the original author, I don’t know where I got this spell from when I put the info in my ‘newbie’ BOS back in 2004.)

Candle magic is very effective as it works with the element of fire, which brings swift action.
All you need is a candle in an appropriate colour for your desire, some essential oil that corresponds with your goal and a sharp pin or knife and lighter or matches.

Choose your candle and oil. Now take a few deep breaths focusing on your desire. When you are ready imagine a sphere of white light around you giving you a pure and powerful space to work magic within. With the knife or pin carve your name into one side of the candle and your goal into the other. Now lick your thumb and trace it over your name to make the candle your own. Take a couple of drops of the oil and rub it well into your goal, concentrating on achieving your desired outcome. Next light the candle and gaze on the flame as you picture success. Spend at least five minutes doing this. When you are ready snuff the flame – don’t blow it out, you’d be ‘blowing away’ the magic! Relight the candle every day for at least seven days to really pack a magical punch. Each time rub a little more oil into the candle to keep charging it up! You will have results within seven days.