by Jenwytch

Earth, logs and ashes, circle bare
save two ferny sprouts, just there
Sorry little guys you have to go
fronds of baby curls, rhizome roots …they know

Ripped asunder, flung aside, returned to Mother
judgemental voice, accusing, came from another
Shock-wave of hurt, guilt and disbelief
mercy, not wrong intended …assumed a thief

Frenzied circling ’round about, stamping feet
dancing, tangled, mindless crushing, fire and heat
Burning, drying, shrivelling and pain
I spared them that …death was their gain

Time stood still, thoughts took but a second
none else cared, eve’s ritual beckoned
Power raised, sent far and wide
then fun and friendship? …in darkness hide

Too close, searing heat and raging flame
jovial comments, ’twas but a game
Oh shut-up! snapped a cold voice in the dark
an unintended barb? …but it made its mark

Sinking heart, the sting of tears unbidden
wrapped in veils of darkness hidden
No recourse, retreat not fight
find solace, refuge in thoughts …silent night

Stoke the fire, renewed, reborn, sparks fly away
near dawning of another day
Merry drinking, heartfelt words and camaraderie
all’s now well? …seemed so to me

Slumber brief, awake refreshed, a new morning
but one has left with ne’er a warning
Worry, speculation, confused and concerned
then hurt, anger and betrayal …to be so spurned

Cryptic clues, no illumination, doubts still linger
sudden inspiration, source divine, points the finger
Denial of truth, cold hard facts, surely illusion?
Hypocrisy abounds, makes no sense …a rude intrusion

A private ritual, seek Dragon wisdom and protection
for the one who chose a wrong direction
Thinning veils, fiery coffins of desires, evening’s gift
subdued elation, damning revelation …must heal the rift

Morning after, stir the ashes of twilight dreams
hidden depth of anger, not all it seems
Ferny death retrieved, crushed, by reborn fire consumed, cremated
then quench the flames …tho’ hurt still unabated

Revelations, surprising, disappointing, hard to bear
perhaps I’m oversensitive, too self aware?
Trusting yet wary, repeated lessons too late learned
get over it? Maybe …forgiveness must be earned

Copyright © 2012 Jenwytch