Sixty-three Ravens (and One Dragon)

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Sixty-three Ravens (and One Dragon)

Sixty-three ravens flew out of the sun
as my dog and I walked by.
“Where are they going?” my dog did ask.
“To the moon,” was my reply.

The sun was setting so low in the west
when the ravens appeared in the sky.
My dog and I counted them one by one
as they flew in small groups up so high.

We marched up the hill to the road at the top
then turned to go down the main street.
The ravens kept coming in dribs and in drabs,
ne’er before had we seen such a treat!

My dog led the way as we walked down the road,
and the cries of the ravens did fade.
To the gully we went to admire the creek
and the waterfall it had made.

Then my dog did announce, “There’s a Dragon in there”
so I said, “Lets have a look-see.”
Shiny blue scales with a purplish tinge
we saw hidden behind a tree.

The Dragon, it smiled with a devilish grin
and I knew I had met it before.
Knowing looks we exchanged as I urged my dog on
while the Dragon did shut the door.

My dog was perplexed as I hurried him on
wond’ring why I should be in such haste.
“Never question a Dragon,” I said in defense
“as you never can tell, of its taste”.

My dog, he asked,”What?” and I said,”Never mind.”
and, “Forget the Blue Dragon you saw.”
Its message was clear, whispered straight in my ear,
and not meant for one of the paw.

‘Twas a lunar eclipse on this dragonish eve
as I watched the moon rise in the east.
Her silvery beauty was lost on my dog
as he sniffed in the dirt for a feast.

I watched the full moon as she rose in the sky,
transcending the tops of the trees.
With thoughts of the Dragon and messages sensed,
metaphorically brought to my knees.

My dog, he was eager to keep walking on,
dreams of Schmackos and bones filled his mind.
But I was still caught between this world and that
of the Dragon left not far behind.

The cacophony of sounds of the crickets a-chirping
while the bats swooped and turned, catching bugs,
drew me back to this world of the mundane and boring
and my dog who enjoyed lots of hugs.

Together we walked as the last rays of sun
disappeared from the birthing night sky.
And the magical moon rose up through the stars
eclipsing the world from on high.

The ravens that started this magical journey
had disappeared into the Air,
where the Moon Goddess shone in her radiant glory,
on reflections of Dragons so fair.

Copyright © 2013 Jenwytch