The following information and verse was written inside a card I received from a friend (Frances of Temple of the Dark Moon) along with the gift of a very special candle

Brighid’s Sacred Flame

BrighidsFlameThe Irish Goddess Brighid was associated with healing, smithcraft, prosperity and creativity. The sabbat of Imbolc (1st February in the Northern Hemisphere) is associated with her. Throughout Ireland there are also numerous wells and springs named after her as they are believed to contain healing properties.

At her sacred shrine in Kildare, Ireland, 19 priestesses originally attended her sacred flame, and when she was canonised, nine nuns took over this role.

This candle has been lit from a candle that was lit from a candle that was lit from a candle that Kathy Jones (Goddess Temple, Glastonbury) brought to Australia, which in turn had been lit from a candle that had been brought over from Ireland by St Brigit nuns.

In receiving this sacred flame of Brighid, you have also undertaken a commitment to share it in order to keep her flame continually lit.

May the blessing of Brighid’s mantle protect you and keep you from harm.
May the blessing of Brighid’s well nourish your body and renew your spirit.
May the blessing of Brighid’s fire burn brightly in your hearth and in your heart.
Brighid’s blessings upon you and yours for all your days and beyond!

Sharing Brighid’s Sacred Flame

Below is a photo of my Brighid candle with the others that I lit from it and gave to my fellow Dark Moon Circle members at Imbolc (2 August 2013). One more “that was lit from a candle” was added to the information that I copied and gave out with each candle, just to keep the candle count correct. 🙂

My Brighid candle with others that were lit from it and given to my circle members.I put each candle, and a little scroll containing the information above, into gold organza bags and presented them to everyone at the completion of our Dark Moon ritual.

Sharing Brighid's Sacred Flame