Sun Signs

Zodiac Signs

(Information added by Jenwytch from Wikipedia.)

Sun Signs and Dates ~ a quick reference guide

Aries Ram 21 March-20 April
Taurus Bull 21 April-21 May
Gemini Twins 22 May-22 June
Cancer Crab 23 June-23 July
Leo Lion 24 July-23 August
Virgo Virgin 24 August-23 September
Libra Balance 24 September-23 October
Scorpio Scorpion 24 October-22 November
Sagittarius Archer 23 November-22 December
Capricorn Goat 23 December-19 January
Aquarius Water Bearer 20 January-19 February
Pisces Fish 20 February-20 March

The dates given above vary slightly from year to year.

For a more detailed (yet relatively brief) description of Astrology and the Zodiac signs please read this Wikipedia article.