Welcome to “An Aussie Wytch’s Book of Correspondences” — my online “Book Of Shadows” or “Grimoire” — which is a collection of reference material I’ve compiled over the last few years, that will continue to grow as I find more items of interest.

As my website title implies, I’m an Australian Witch, working in the southern hemisphere where the dates for the sabbats are offset by 6 months from the northern hemisphere dates, the sun travels through the northern part of the sky instead of the south and the moon phases progress from left to right instead of right to left when looking at the moon. So if at first you think I’ve got my dates and directions wrong, think again. 😉

I thought of making this a sub-section of my primary blog — The Other Side — but decided against that as I wanted my BOS to have a slightly different look. So, here ’tis …still very much a work in progress that will keep me occupied for quite some time.

Some history…

A lot of the material here was put together by me, from various sources, for the website of the first Pagan group I ever joined (in March 2004) called Sutherland Shire Eclectic Pagans or SSEP (based in Sydney, Australia). SSEP started out in February 2004 as an online group hosted by the now defunct MSN Groups and grew to become a bunch of friends who met in ‘real life’ for coffee on a fairly regular basis. A private sub-group of SSEP called Goddess Sisterhood (which has since also closed) was started by MoonchildMeggy — the founder of SSEP — and I was a member of that also. We collected a lot of Goddess prayers, poetry and illustrations etc which I will include here as well.

The impending closure of MSN Groups forced SSEP to set up and host their own website, which one of their members — OwlStorm — beautifully designed and maintained for a few years (and at this time the name was changed to Sutherland Shire Pagans, or SSP) but in time various people went their separate ways and the online community and friendly little tribe that was SSEP/SSP eventually fizzled out. However, a couple of us still keep in touch via Facebook. 🙂

In about July 2004, I also joined Spheres Of Light (SOL) which is a ‘real life’ Australian Pagan group that had been meeting together since October 1998. SOL wanted to create an online presence as well so in late 2004 they set up a free MSN Group website also. I was asked to help out with the website so I decided to share the information I had added to the SSEP site. I have been SOL’s website designer/manager ever since. Eventually, knowing that MSN Groups was to close down (which it finally did in February 2009) I set up a new self hosted website for SOL and had it up and running by August 2007. The SOL website has since grown substantially and now has 6 subdomains (previously 8) in addition to the main website.

The information on some of the pages here can be found on the current SOL website (the SOL website also contains a wealth of information contributed by many other people so please take a look there too, especially if you’re looking for a Pagan group in the southern Sydney to Northern Illawarra area) but here on AAWBOC I have only included the information that I personally compiled for SOL (and in some cases, originally for SSEP/SSP and ‘Goddess Sisterhood’). There are also a few bits and pieces from my very first ‘hard copy’ BOS which I started in 2003 when I first became interested in witchcraft. A lot of it was copied from websites which no longer exist, but I’m hoping the authors of those sites won’t mind it being resurrected here, with credit given to them as author where possible (unfortunately I didn’t always cite my sources in my original BOS because I thought no-one else was ever going to see it).

As well as the written information I have also included my original photos I created for the SSEP/SSP website which were later used on SOL, and some I created for the SOL website, as well as lots of pretties I have created especially for this new project. 😀

If you want to find out more about lil’ ol’ me, just go to my primary blog, The Other Side.



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