Herbs in My Kitchen

ALLSPICE  – Jupiter – Earth – Money, Healing – Add allspice to money and healing foods.Use in sachets and incense blends burn when mixed with cinnamon and orange can be used for divination to increases prosperity the Allspice helps to assist in clearing any spiritual/emotional blockages associated with giving and receiving so that one’s needs may be fulfilled blend with cinnamon an benzoin to increase power.  Dried orange peel can be used mixed with this herb by clearing the blockages when opportunities may arise, which can be very fruitful, however it is still you that has to take that opportunity and be ready to do the work.

ALOE   Aloes Vera – Used by the Africans for ritual use, the gel was used to bless their sacred tools during circle and ritual of voodoo magick and was used to heal as an antidote to poison arrows. The Greeks & Romans also used the gel for ceremonial magick. The fermented aloe gel is mixed with honey and spices and is known as a spiritual wine called kumaryasava in India, used as a tonic for anaemia and poor digestive function.  Ritual sex magic the aloe is used to massage upon the male genitals to increase Hui Yin.   During sacred rites of sexual energy for women the aloe is massaged around the pubic bone known as the Ovarian Palace this to stimulates the Hui Yin  (Hui Yin is the sacred gate of Life for women, the meridian is stimulated at the front and back of the Base Chakra.)

BASIL  Ocimum basilicum (mars) Mars – Fire – Love, Protection, Money – Basil-flavoured foods create loving feelings. Pesto sauce (containing basil and pine nuts, among other ingredient) over noodles (made with wheat, ruled by Venus) is an excellent love food. For protection, eat basil-flavoured foods prepared with the proper visualization.  Also add to money foods. Associated with Fire Spirits (salamanders).  Dragon energy known as an herb of courage strengthens the mind.  Basil is very sacred in herbal lore of ancient wisdom Basil can be used with spell casting and excellent herb to use in your cauldron, known to the Greeks this herb was used as a love token.  Place this herb tied with Rosemary and place this in your home brings clarity to the physic mind.  Place in a red mojo bag and use this at work to enliven one’s own spirits.  Great if you are feeling a bit jet lag after along flight place this herb in a sitz bath to refreshing ones spirit. Basil & Jasmine mixed together and placed in your book of shadows is known to help protect spells & sacred rites.

BAY LEAVES – Sun – Fire – Protection, Psychic awareness, Healing, Purification – Bay leaves are just as powerful today as they were in the past.  Sparingly add the dried leaves to protection, psychic awareness, healing, and purification foods. Used for attracting Love this herb is also known for purification & protection.  The ancient Greeks dedicated to the muse’s sacred arts, useful for artist’s musicians, poets & inspirations for writers Use this herb to induce prophetic dreams & visions.

BLACK PEPPER – Mars – Fire – Protection, Purification –   Add black pepper to protective foods such as chilli, tomato juice, and nachos. Sprinkle with visualization.  Naturally, freshly ground pepper is best. Black pepper is also used in purification diets. It’s powerful. Don’t overuse this or any other spice.

CAYENE capsicum frutescens – This essence helps to stimulate the Yang Energy an excellent Magickal powder to enhance the divine fire energy known to dragon Energy.  The Chilli herb arrived in the West from India as known as the Ginnie pepper having extreme hot & dry in the fourth degree medicinal good for lymphatic throat and skin infections.  Use this Magickal powder with basil to stimulate the Kindling energy helps to raise will power & manifestation into the physical world.  As the smoke, rises visualise the colour Red. Blue & Purple is associated with incense ritual.

CHAMOMILE  Authemis nobilis (Sun) – Associated with Purification, restful sleep & Love.  Use this herb to create your restful dreamtime spell & place this in a dark blue velvet mojo bag mixed with the essence of lavender and rose.  Can be used in sleep pillows.  An excellent herb to use is increasing prosperity, smudge you charms and use in potions to attract love.

CINNAMON Cinnamomum zeylanicum  (Sun/Uranus) – Sun – Fire – Love, Psychic awareness, Money – Cinnamon is a love spice. When added to apples, it is doubly powerful. Applesauce flavoured with cinnamon is a good love food. So too is cinnamon-rich apple pie. For a morning love-enhancer, fill a teaspoon with ground cinnamon. Carefully pour a bit of the spice in the shape of a heart on a toasted slice of bread. While visualizing, spread it out with a knife and eat. Or, add cinnamon to money or psychic foods. Protection, Love, Psychic powers, Lust, Money – a reputed essence used for raising spiritual vibrations and enhancing clairvoyance.  Use this in your spells to increase prosperity.  Mix with orris root and place in brown & gold mojo bag with good luck charms mix this essence with benzoin resin place on a charcoal disk this incense brings good inspiration when doing Magickal circle work We use this mixture in our coven to enhance the mystics of ancient lore and the raising the powers of the Egyptian Goddess Isis, Bast & Hathor.   If you would like the ritual and Incense contact Amethyst Moon Temple Coven.

CLOVE BUD Eugenia caryohyllata (Moon) – Jupiter – Fire – Love, Money, Protection – Cloves lend a wonderfully spicy flavour if added sparingly to protective foods. They’re also useful in love and money foods. Eat small amounts. Associated with Money, Luck & protection powers, used during meditation to perceive astral visions.  Burned in incenses helps to drive away negative influences and forces around you.  Carry this in an aqua blue mojo bag can be used in breaking hexes.  Clove is known to strengthen the mind.  Use in your Moon time rituals (caution possible skin irritation in some cases).

CORIANDER – Mars – Fire – Love, Sex – Coriander is a love herb.  The fruits (misnamed seeds) are added to appropriate foods with appropriate visualization.  They can also be powdered and placed in warm wine to stimulate the desire for sexual activity.

CUMIN – Mars – Fire – Peace, Happiness – Add cumin to foods of peace and happiness.

ECHINACEA   known as Black Sampson . – Used in herbal rituals from the Native American Indians the origin of this herbal flower is grown in North America the herb was used during times of the Sun & Moon dance.  Read about his herb as this has excellent healing properties.  Use this herb in spells, incense and place in a red mojo bag tied with a small golden cord.  For gay men & women to attract a lover use a few drops of Oil of Satyr this is a recipe blended from the Ancient text of the Grimoire.  Creates a lovely rich warm earthly fragrance.

FENNEL Feoniculum vulgare  (mercury) Mercury – Fire – Physical strength, Weight loss, Protection – Add these fragrant seeds to dishes designed to promote physical strength. Use fennel as part of a weight-reducing diet. The seeds are also added to protective dishes. This herb is ‘Known to give Strength, Vitality and Sexual virility & Fertility”.  When blended with other herbs & resins the healing mixture can be used for protection and aids one with comfort the herb can be used to “read the smoke essence and promote prophetic insight”.

FEVER FEW chrysanthemum parthenium – Known to the early times of Robin Hood as known as the green man this essence of herb is know to the amazing curative powers, including low times of energy and depression this herb can be used with mistletoe a blended incense to cultivate ambience & a peaceful atmosphere.  Use for Meditation.  An excellent herb to spell cast during the associations of Midsummer festivals.  Use this herb to promote restful dreamtime & rest.

GARLIC – Mars – Fire – Protection, Health – The intensity of the smell and taste of fresh garlic make it useful in protective diets. Add some garlic to your food every day for continuing good health. Visualize as you cook and eat. Use only fresh garlic.

GINGER ROOT POWDR  Zingiber officinale (moon) – Love, Money Power & Success.  Sprinkle this around the home or at work, as this will increase power and motivation.  Used for Astral projection and astral traveling.  Spell weaving with his powder can be used on a green & silver candle during the waxing gibbous and full moon.

JASMINE FLOWERS Jasmine officinale (moon) – Associated with Love & Psychic protection, Powerful aura cleanser, used for prophetic dreams.  A valuable essence to smudge with around your Home or your aura, helps to lift of depression, has the ability to uplift emotions & gain confidence.
An excellent essence to work with on a waxing moon when spell weaving helps to bring clarity to metal creativity & promotes new inspiration.

LAVENDER FLOWERS   Lavendula vera (Venus) – Extensively used in magick rites for Purification, Meditation, Peace & happiness, use this herb in healing & purification incenses.  Place this herb in a sachet or a purple mojo bag promotes rest & sleep.  Lavender is known to be the mother of herbs. Use this herb for spell craft.  Make your Pentagram from this herb and place this around your home helps to bring gentleness of spirit – Accentuated mother consciousness; mother partiality; a lover of tradition.

MARIGOLD – Sun – Fire – Happiness, protection – Several centuries ago, the marigold was as common as dill or sage. Add fresh marigold petals to foods to promote happiness. Or, add to protective foods to boost their energies. Make sure that the flowers have not been sprayed with any chemicals!

MARSHMALLOW ROOT – Create this essence of herb to make an ointment or oil of blessing, fabulous for attracting Love, use the herb in a pink fairy bag to help enhance the attraction of Magickal love.  Has often been said that essence can be worn to ward of negative energies and demon’s when casting magick. Can also be used in spells.  Read the smoke during clairvoyance, divination, psychic development & to contact other planes.

NUTMEG – Jupiter – Fire – Psychic awareness – This powerful spice can be added in small amounts to psychic-awareness foods. Sprinkle some onto a glass of eggnog. While visualizing, drink to open your psychic awareness. Eating large amount of nutmeg will produce vomiting, so the tiniest fraction of a teaspoon will do.

OREGANO – Mercury – Air – Peace – This common Italian culinary herb is a wonderful peace-inducer. Sprinkle onto foods, especially cheese pizza, to give them a peaceful energy. (Using oregano on a pizza that contains meat will cancel its effect.)

PARSLEY – Mercury – Air – Protection, Sex, Money – Sprigs of parsley placed on plates of food are not only decorative, but guard food from negative energy. Munch a small amount each day to strengthen your own psychic armour. Add to protective foods to strengthen their powers. Parsley also has a reputation for stimulating sexual desire. You can use parsley baths to attract money. Place about two cups of fresh parsley (or 3/4 dried parsley) into a large square of doubled cheesecloth. Tie the cloth tightly to trap the herb inside and add to the bath. Visualize as you soak.

PASSION FLOWER – A sacred flower know to the Egyptian’s dedicated to Isis and Hathor use in bath rituals anointing  and Love spells.  This essence is so in captivating can be used as an incense and will sure to bring many glorious insights to magick..  Use the passion flower essence in a rainbow coloured mojo bag or place your spell in a large Indigo bag covered with silver stars your spells can be enhance by the vibrations of this essence mixed with a little sandalwood. Known as friendship herb.

PEPPERMINT Mentha piperata (Uranus or Venus) Mercury – Air – Sex, Purification, Healing – Peppermint tea is said to stimulate interest in sexual activity, although many feel it has more of a soothing effect. Peppermint tea may also be drunk as part of personal purification rituals.  Put one teaspoon of the dried herb into a teacup while visualizing purification. Add nearly boiling water, steep 13 minutes, and drink. The same tea can be used for healing. Spearmint can be substituted for peppermint. A reputed Powerful herb for Meditation, Visionary & Prophetic dreams.  Can be used in love spells.  Use this herb for purification & house clearing  while the essence has the effect of strengthen the mind the fragrance has the ability to clear and neutralise the Auric bodies.

ROSEMARY  Rosemarinus officinalis  (sun) – Use this herb to strengthen one’s mind, helps for clarity and purpose.  This herb was know to be worn by the Greeks when the mapped the Cosmo’s and the arts of astronomy.  This herb is scared to the Goddess’s and  flora kingdom the herb and the violet flower aids in one’s  higher inspiration to  illumination.   This herb is used for protection and use in Purifying the air.

ROSE  Rosa cent folia (Venus) Venus – Water – Love, Happiness, Psychic awareness – Eat roses as a part of love diets.  Ensure that the roses have not been sprayed with any chemicals or fertilizers. For a tasty treat, fresh rose petals can be sprinkled onto vanilla ice cream. Or add rose water to dishes such as whipped cream, apple pie, and other appropriate foods. Rose water is available in gourmet cooking shops, health food stores, and Indian grocery stores. Make sure it is genuine rose water, not artificially scented water. Roses can also be eaten to induce happiness. Crystallized roses are fine for this purpose. Eat rose-flavoured foods for psychic awareness. Strongly associated with Venus the Goddess of Love, Used in Love rituals & attracting the opposite sex, mix with orris root pwd and Lavender spike to enhance your spell weaving.   Rose is luxurious and erotically sensual.  Use this essence to help with emotional comfort in times of turbulence.  Place in  white mojo bag helps to enliven the heart.

ROSEMARY – Sun – Fire – Protection, Conscious mind, Healing, Love – Add rosemary to protective foods, especially those utilizing tomatoes. Drink the tea or use in dishes designed to increase mental alertness and the ability to think clearly. If you’re having trouble following a recipe, smell fresh rosemary. Rosemary is also useful in diets designed to maintain good health and to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities. This tasty herb is also added to a variety of love-inducing foods.

SAFFRON – Sun – Fire – Happiness, Sprituality – Eat saffron-flavoured foods (such as paella) to induce happiness. Saffron also strengthens spirituality.

SAGE salvia officinalis (Jupiter) Jupiter – Air – Longevity, Health – Use sage in your cooking to enjoy a long life. Sage is also an important part of healing diets. Visualize as you cook and eat. Extensively used in the Americas by native people for Purification & Protections rites, also know to be used in the cauldron to increase the wisdom.  Has been used by our sister’s of magick long ago of ancient days to help in healing and prosperity. Use this herb in sachet’s or a earthy colour mojo bag .  Made into smudge stick can help to ‘clear space’.

ST JOHN’S WORT   Hypericum perforatum – The herb is known as the Knights  of St John of Jerusalem and was used to treat wounds on Crusade battlefields.  This herb is can help to dispel negative spirits, place this around the house or on the window sill.  Can help to release statically charged electrical energy.  Use this herb in to bring about confidence and to aid in strengthening the ability to move forward with a situation.

THYME   thymus vulgaris Venus – Water – Love, Psychic awareness, Purification – Place one teaspoon of mixed thyme and marjoram into a teacup. Add one cup hot water. As it brews, visualize yourself enjoying a satisfying, two-sided relationship. Sweeten with honey if desired and drink the tea, continuing to visualize. Add thyme to psychic foods or drink the tea to gain control over your psychic awareness. Thyme is also used in purification diets. Psychic Powers, Healing, also used for Protection against dangerous creatures.  Burn this herb wisely as this can be used to clear space and remove unwanted negativity.  Can be used to heal situations of past & sorrow.  Smudge the house in your cleansing ritual then leave for a couple hours, you will find your home refreshed and uplifted.  Mix with rosemary to help one studying and mapping the astro & cosmic charts (can be used a study aid).

TURMERIC – Mercury – Air – Purification – We know turmeric from its use as a colouring agent in dill pickles, which it turns a greenish-yellow colour. For internal purification, eat a pickle with visualization. Or, add a small amount of turmeric (no more than 1/8 tsp) to your favourite non-sweet purification food.

VANILLA – Venus – Water – Love, Sexuality –  Vanilla ice cream, vanilla pudding, and all foods flavoured with vanilla are fine for use in love-expanding diets. For a simple vanilla-charged sweetener, place a whole vanilla bean in a sugar jar or canister. Let is sit until the sugar has absorbed the scent of the vanilla. Add to love foods. Sexual activity in a loving relationship may also be enhanced by the addition of vanilla-flavoured foods to the diet. Use only real vanilla extract in magickal cooking. The artificial stuff may be cheaper, but it is magickally inert and will have no effect; it is also made out of the by-products of the pulp and paper industry… yuck!

(From my BOS – source unknown – possibly “Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Wicca in the Kitchen” by Scott Cunningham.)