Magical Correlations of Ingredients

The purpose of this list is to give you a broader range of options for cooking magic. Here, you can consider choosing and combining singular foods/additives for spiritual goals.

Alfalfa sprouts Providence, sustenance
Allspice Luck, health
Apple Peace, love, health, earth magic
Apricot Romance
Artichoke Growth, safety
Avocado Beauty
Baking powder/soda Raising energy or expectations
Banana Heroic energy, male sexuality
Barley Love, controlling pain of any nature
Bay Psychic powers, strength, and health
Beans Divination, prosperity, decision-making
Beef Prosperity, grounding
Beets Passion, love, beauty
Blueberry Peace, calm
Bread Kinship, sustenance
Broccoli Strength, leadership, physical improvements
Brussels sprouts Endurance, tenacity, stability
Butter Tenacity, smoothing relationships
Cake Celebration, joyous occasions, hospitality
Caraway Protection from theft and negativity, trust
Cardamom Increase the strength of unions/partnerships
Carnation Pride, beauty
Carrot Vision, masculine energies
Catnip Rest, joy, cat magic
Cauliflower Lunar/water-related magics
Celery Passion, grounding, peace
Cheese Joy, health, things coming to fruition
Cherry Love, female sexuality
Chicken Health, well-being, sunrise magic
Chives Protection, breaking bad habits
Chocolate Lifting emotions, love
Chrysanthemum Longevity, ease, vigor
Clove Stolen kisses, fun, love, protection, piercing illusions
Clover Triple goddess
Coconut Diversity, flexibility, spirituality
Coffee Energy, alertness, mental awareness
Cookies Maternal instincts, nurturing, love
Coriander Love, well-being, intelligence
Corn Life of the land, cycles, eternity
Corn syrup Solidifying plans or ideas
Cowslip Faerie magic, grace
Cranberry Energy for security and protection
Daisy Innocence, fidelity, dawn, new beginnings
Dandelion Divination, foresight, miracles
Date Resurrection, eternity, spirit
Deer Elegance, grace, refinement
Dill Protecting children
Eggs Fertility, mysticism, ancient questions
Elder flower Protection from Fey, blessings, wishes
Flour Revealing hidden matters, consistency
Garlic Hex breaking, banishings, protection
Ginger Health, cleansing, vibrant energy, zeal
Grape Dreams, visions, fertility
Grapefruit Purification, health
Gravy Smooth transitions, consistency, uniformity
Guava Romance, fantasy, relieving sorrow
Ham Theatrical flair, dramatic energy
Hazel Wishes, good fortune
Hazelnut Wisdom, fertility
Honey Sweet things in life, happiness
Horseradish Protection, fiery energy
Hyacinth Reliability, constancy
Jelly Joy, energy, pleasantness (see also fruit, by type)
Juice Rejuvenation, vitality, energy
Lamb Sensitivity, kindness, warmth
Lavender Spiritual vision, acknowledgement, comfort
Lemon Longevity, purification, marriage, joy, faithfulness
Lettuce Financial magics, peace, relaxation
Lilac Love , youth, joy, fastidiousness
Lime Cleansing
Marigold Cares, burdens, change, luck in love
Milk Goddess energy, maternal instinct, nurturing
Mustard Faith, mental alertness
Oats Life of the land, prosperity, sustenance
Olive Peace, spiritual pursuits
Orange Health, fidelity, love
Orange flower Purity, faithfulness, fruitfulness
Pansy Glee, fancy, fondness, fairy folk
Parsley Luck, protection form accidents
Passion fruit Promoting kinship and love
Peanut Earth magic, male energy
Pear Longevity, luck
Peas Goddess magic, love
Pepper, black Cleansing, purification, protection, banishing
Pepper, green Growth, prosperity
Pepper, red Energy, vitality, strength
Pepper, yellow Empowered creativity
Pineapple Healing, protection, prosperity
Pomegranate Fruitfulness, hospitality, wishes
Popcorn Lifting burdens, recreational activities
Pork Fertility, profuseness
Potato Folk medicine, health, grounding, earth magic
Quince Happiness
Raspberry Vigor, stamina, love
Relish Protection (dill), enhanced passion (sweet)
Rice Abundant blessings, fertility
Rose Love, faithfulness, friendship
Saffron Bounty, leadership, prosperity
Salt Cleansing, purification, grounding
Sausage Zest, variety, god magic
Soup Steady change and improved communication
Strawberry Zest, intensity, romance
Sweet potato Well founded, gentle love
Syrup Tree magic, amiable greetings
Tea Divination, insight, meditation, restfulness
Tomato Attracting love
Tulip Declaration of love
Turkey Colourful displays, holiday feasts, family gatherings
Violet Grace, modesty, excellence, expression
Waffles Gathering or reserving amiable feelings, accommodation
Walnut Mental faculties
Wine Celebration, joy, honouring positive actions
Yogurt Health, spirituality, goddess magic

For additional magical correlations of ingredients, as well as planetary and elemental rulers, see: ‘The Magic in Food’ by Scott Cunningham. Source ~ Patricia Telesco, A Kitchen Witch’s Cookbook.